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LBI has great beaches at the Jersey Shore.

Long Beach Island, NJ (the locals call it LBI) is an 18 mile long island off the coast of New Jersey. Long Beach Island is a popular summer destination amongst families who come to this small resort town for it's white sandy beaches. Each beach on LBI has a name.

The main industries on Long Beach Island include tourism, fishing, and real estate. The main access point to the island is by a single bridge connection to the mainland. Other access points are by water transport. The Barnegat Lighthouse, located on the northern tip of the island is among the most significant of landmarks.

The widest point of LBI is in Ship Bottom (about half-mile wide), while the narrowest point is in Harvey Cedars (about a fifth of a mile). The northern portion of the island consists of the communities of Surf City, North Beach (a section of Long Beach Township), Harvey Cedars, Loveladies (the northernmost section of Long beach Township), High Bar Harbor, and Barnegat Light. To the south, the island includes the communities of Long Beach Township (including North Beach Haven) and Beach Haven, with the Holgate section of Long beach Township at the southernmost tip of the island.

Barnegat Light
High Bar Harbor (Long Beach Township)
Loveladies (Long Beach Township)
Harvey Cedars
North Beach (Long Beach Township)
Surf City
Ship Bottom
Long Beach Township
North Beach Haven (Long Beach Township)
Beach Haven
Holgate (Long Beach Township)

Long Beach Island had been split in two at the narrowest point in Harvey Cedars. The storms throughout the years have caused this.

The Loveladies neighborhood (and North Beach) have many large-scale homes. Rumor has it that celebrities have vacationed in Loveladies in the summer.

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